NO ORDER January 2018

FLATLINES GALLERY proudly presents new works by Joe De La Cruz, James Medrano, and Jose Sotelo. The work will be the artists signature styles and will consist of pen or graphite on paper. Most of the pieces will be small works and will be presented in various custom frames.

Joe De La Cruz is an artist born and raised in San Antonio,Texas. He currently works in the field of gallery exhibitions, setting up shows for art galleries and organizations. The artist works with various mediums from graphite, watercolor, and large scale mural paintings. He is known in the South Flores community as a facilitator and a consultant in the area of art presentation and exhibitions fabrication.

San Antonio native, Jose Fidel Sotelo has been active in the arts since 2005. Sotelo considers himself a self-taught artist, but his paintings carry a lot of influence from his studies in design. His use of patterns and symmetry is a way to express his relationship and experiences with the seen and unseen world. Sotelo's work holds true to bring together the ancient symbols of his Mexicans ancestors, the natural world, and beauty of the mundane things from everyday life.

James Medrano is another artist from San Antonio and his artwork is an exploration of dark satire through contemporary pop culture influences. Through the use of his "double exposure", he gives life and movement to inanimate ideas on a two-dimensional surface. This technique is a way for the audience to resolve the tension of crosshatched lines, negative space, and composition set before them. He also runs and curates exhibitions for FLATLINES GALLERY.

Come join us for Second Saturday and enjoy the artwork that the artists created for "NO ORDER". All original pieces will be for purchase, along with prints and some apparel.

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