PEON & SHEEP May & June 2018

 F L A T L I N E S Gallery is proud to present a series of ink drawings by Luka Rejec, an artist and writer living in Seoul, Korea. He was born in a country that no longer exists and is deeply interested in the interplay of natural and human worlds. His art is also heavily influenced by a confluence of 1970s alternative and European comics, psychedelia, science fiction, and heavy metal.

Peon and Sheep was conceived as both a parody of over-serious #inktober hash-tags and an exploration of how a linear story grows out of random prompts. The theme of each piece was randomly generated, then written, illustrated and linked into a story nobody planned. At the level of characters, the story obviously builds on the classic liminal model of the hero's journey "there and back again", while stylistically it is indebted to the ligne claire style and the French bandes dessinés tradition.

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